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Budley is an earbud holder that is:

✔ Compact
✔ Lightweight
✔ Easy Storage & Retrieval

Budley’s patent pending design provides personalized earbud storage and
protection for standard size earbuds while keeping them neatly organized.

Back to School Essential: Keeping Earbuds Untangled with a Longer Lifespan!

How Budley Works

Great for Travel

Eliminate tangled earbuds and travel light with Budley.

Great for Fitness

Essentials for the gym include Budley and your earbuds.

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Advantages of a Budley 3-Pack or 5-Pack:

✔ one for each pair of your earbuds
✔ one for your phone charging cord
✔ one to give as a gift
✔ save 10% on 3 & 5-packs
✔ free shipping on orders over $20