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Raising Budley™ earbud case

A baby boomer’s adventures in bringing a new product to market.

What's Raising Budley About?

The Raising Budley blog shares stories of: aspects of Budley's product development journey, lessons as an entrepreneur, current Budl...

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You Should be on Shark Tank

I’ve lost count of how many times have I heard that since I started promoting Budley!It’s amazing how many people of all ages watch ...

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5 Ways Developing a Product Can Feel Like Parenting

For a start up on a tight budget, the process of bringing a product from birth to full-fledged distribution oddly has some similarit...

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Inspire and Mentor the Entrepreneur Within Your Child

This story of an 11-year-old starting a business to save money for college makes me smile and feel hopeful for all of the kids and p...

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Most Affordable Earbuds for your Budley Earbud Case

Looking for inexpensive, comfortable earbuds? You should check out the Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones for your Budley earbud case.

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Budley Earbud Case Review from the Travel Accessory Store

Check out the Travel Accessory Store Budley earbud case product review along with finding additional ideas for traveling lighter and...

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How to Keep Headphones from Tangling

Budley's designer, John Desautels, has a passion for solving problems. One day at the gym, after he had his own umpteenth experience...

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