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5 Ways Developing a Product Can Feel Like Parenting

For a start up on a tight budget, the process of bringing a product from birth to full-fledged distribution oddly has some similarities to being a new parent. Here’s what I’m talking about:

1  Your Prototype Arrives
It’s that feeling like your baby has arrived: you’re excited to see it, giddy, and aware of the possibilities of how your life will change.

2  You Comprehend Your New Product is Dependent on You
That deer-in-the-headlights feeling that this baby can’t survive in the world without you. It’s going to need a lot of your time, attention, devotion and financial support. Get ready for some sleepless nights as you adjust to this new relationship.

3  You Want it to Thrive and Have the Best Life You Can Imagine
You feel like you want to provide every opportunity possible for your baby to survive and thrive in the world, and worry about how you are going to accomplish this, especially if this is your first experience with a baby.

4  Others’ Opinions of Your New Product may be Hard to Hear
Once your child heads to school, the feedback starts - teachers have an opinion, inclusion and acceptance happens (or not). It takes practice learning to field others’ opinions, receiving information that helps raise your child’s development and filtering out what’s irrelevant. Initially it’s a feeling of raw vulnerability.

5  Your New Product Begins to Earn It’s Keep
As your child achieves certain accomplishments like graduation and a first job, the feeling of pride and joy is satisfying as they move in the direction of living independently and standing on their own.

Good parenting involves so much more than bringing a product to market ever will, but both journeys certainly create the ups and downs of relationships that require an all-in commitment to achieve the outcome you dream of.