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September 02, 2016

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How to Keep Headphones from Tangling

The frustration of pulling earbud headphones out of a pocket, backpack, gym bag, purse and other favorite storage places in a tangled mess has been an issue since earbuds were invented.

Budley's designer, John Desautels, has a passion for solving problems. One day at the gym, after he had his own umpteenth experience of untangling earbuds, he decided to tackle the design challenge.

After a series of design rounds, a couple of prototypes, mold designs, and the arduous journey of working out the details of product manufacturing, we're delighted to say that Budley earbud case brings an awesome solution for how to keep headphones from tangling!

There are other options for how to organize your earbuds, but one of the special features that makes Budley different is the enclosed storage pocket keeping your earbuds clean and protected - a real bonus along with no more tangled earbuds!