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September 02, 2016

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Inspire and Mentor the Entrepreneur Within Your Child

This story of an 11-year-old starting a business to save money for college makes me smile and feel hopeful for all of the kids and parents that may be inspired by it.

Micah started a trash business in his neighborhood, taking care of his neighborhood customers once a week before heading to school. His family has really encouraged and supported him.

What I love about Micah and his family...

Micah is growing up in a family culture that helps him learn:
  • a healthy work ethic
  • accountability
  • responsibility
  • communication skills
  • mindset and attitude
  • entrepreneurial biz skills
Gen Z kids that have families helping them learn these core life skills are truly blessed. So much of their world is now digitally-focused and often missing the opportunity to learn and practice essential skills for building relationships in person, with all ages.

Whether they aspire to a career in aeronautical engineering, like Micah, or have their sites set on an independent entrepreneurial path, their success lies in their personal development.

Hats off to the parents that support and encourage their children in this way!