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What's Raising Budley About?

The Raising Budley blog is my journey of bringing Budley™ (the earbud case) from concept to market. A product is not a child, but the process of bringing a product from birth to full-fledged distribution can feel like lot like parenting for an entrepreneur working with a bootstrapping budget. (More on this in a later post.)

When we opened our online store a year ago, like a lot of 'newbies' I had a lot to learn about ecommerce along with everything else that goes with developing a new product. New online store owners are told that blogging is essential, but at that time I couldn't zero in on sharing much that I felt connected to - my heart wasn't in it. This year, I've had a wonderful advisory team that has helped me zero in on what I can enjoy writing about, share what's happening currently with the Budley product, and feel more engaged and confident about what I'm sharing. My hope is that it finds an audience that benefits from my entrepreneurial journey along with Budley's early stages of growth.

The Raising Budley blog will share stories of: aspects of Budley's product development journey, lessons as an entrepreneur, current Budley news and lifestyle-related content, and how I have blended my calling for mentoring with Budley's journey.