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Budley’s Two Founders

John Desautels, a gifted and innovative product designer, created the Budley design. For many years, John has been a triathlete and the idea for Budley was inspired while at a workout at the gym. John has a remarkable background in all aspects of product design from concept to market, designing for many industries, spanning over 30 years of experience.

For Katherine Burks, Budley brings the opportunity for a number of firsts: experiencing every stage and aspect of new product design and development, supply sourcing and ecommerce. Her passion is connecting Budley with the people who will be delighted to have have it in their lives. She’s drawing on her diverse background in marketing, sales, and air traffic control. Katherine enjoys facilitating the process of getting high-value new products into market and to customers.

More About Budley

From the beginning, Budley’s job was to bring a better design to solving the problem of tangled earbuds. The early process of product design began in late 2013. Since then, Budley has ventured through the many stages of product development and passed product testing for all ages by Intertek in Spring 2015.

Our team at World Key Services, a division of Brass Key with over 30 years of diverse experience with manufacturing in China (offices located in both the U.S. and China), has contributed immensely to establishing and growing our relationships with our China manufacturers along with assuring that Budley’s product quality remains consistently high.

We are So Grateful…

…for our early adopters, champions, and the amazing support of friends and family! Bringing a new product to market is no small feat and we really appreciate the support of our beloved friends, family, and early adopters.

…for our FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) Interns. Katherine is passionate about mentoring teens and really appreciates the Washington FBLA interns that worked with her on a Budley project during the 2014-2015 school year.

… for our Seattle University Community Development Entrepreneurship Clinic (CDEC) Externs. We’ve also been remarkably fortunate to receive the services of student consultants Bonnie Fong and Emily Anderson from the Seattle University CDEC. They are incredible!