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nspired at the gym while untangling his own earbuds, John Desautels, our talented product designer, sought to relieve the frustration of dealing with tangled earbuds with a new earphone case design. After ordering our first prototype in 2014, we worked through development of Budley’s design, filing for our patent, early challenges with sourcing manufacturing, passing product testing (Intertek), and much more. Katherine Burks has led the charge to get Budley into the world. While John has over 30 years of experience in product design and development, Katherine is experiencing the exciting adventure of learning about all aspects of working on a new product from concept to market. And on a lean “bootstrapping budget!” Aligned with her calling for mentoring young people, she’s welcomed and worked with a number of interns and graduate students on Budley’s development. Heading into the Fall of 2016, Katherine will begin to post short videos sharing each step of the Budley product journey and what’s she’s learned along the way. Sign up to get notified as she shares her stories via YouTube. It’s a first-timer’s start-up entrepreneurial journey - led by a baby boomer.